A downloadable game for Windows

Happy fat food is a little video game developped with the fantasy console Pico-8 for the GamJam "Happyness".

Hereafter, the link to the GamJam page :


The aim of the game is to lose weight eating in fast foods and to kill the bad vegetables.

Pick up oil bottles and hit vegetables with it.

And with money, go buy of food to BQ (Bugger Queen) and FFC (Fanny Fried Chicken).

Beware vegetables, if touch them you gain weight and could explose.

Few clarifications: Red money is to BQ and Green money is to FFC. But you should be very near and at middle of the FFC door and BQ intercom.

For fun, let vegetables touch you and watch you grow.

To win, you should be slim and had killed all vegetables.

BONUS : The music is available for download (see "happy.wav"). Listen only to keep you busy when you are in the toilet.

Install instructions

You could download the game on this page but you must have the software Pico 8.

However, you could play with game following the link hereafter:



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